Hedvig Palm in Under The Influence S/S 2014 by Frode & Marcus

Hollie May Saker and Almantas Petkunas in "Ones 2 Watch," for Phoenix Magazine S/S 2013

details at Marni S/S 2015

Alek Wek photographed by Richard Burbridge, I-D Magazine July 2000

"Doves" Ondria Hardin & Anna Ewers photographed by Maurizio Bavutti for CR Fashion Book 2013

Galina Stepanenko

Laetitia Casta photographed by Kayt Jones for i-D 2001


Mercury: Gemini/Virgo - communication, intellect, logic, analysis, thought, mental acuity, wit, humor, writing, conversation, nerves

Venus: Taurus/Libra - sensory sensitivity, gluttony, pleasure, indulgence, creativity, design, social intuition, sexuality, glamor

Mars: Aries/Scorpio - power, energy, combativeness, rage, fire, aggression, passion, desire, sexuality, enthusiasm, pioneering, destructiveness

Jupiter: Sagittarius/Pisces -  belief, religion, quest, benevolence, charity, psychology, medicine, healing, faith, humanity, conviction, academics, theology, spirit, travel

Saturn: Capricorn/Aquarius - sterile, conviction, social activism, initiation, politics, structure, civility, community, organization, sanguine, limitation (fixed aquarius - earth saturnian capricorn)

untitled by Luc Dupin on Flickr.
♐ Sagittarius are a very honest sign; and this can sometimes come at a fault in its harshness. It’s important to remember Sagittarians always mean very well and are stitched together of pure intention. The beautiful thing about a Sagittarius is though, when they compliment you, this comes from a true and genuine sincerity

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♐ Sagittarius is connected with philosophy and the ideas and concepts on which human society is built. Religion, law, and higher education come under the governing of this sign. Life is always interesting for Sagittarius and it is difficult for them to remain for too long in a world of limitation

(Quelle: astrolocherry)